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Who We Are

We are passionate entrepreneurs who all share a common commitment to empowering everyone to act for the common good and change the world we live in.​

What We Do

We help charities get the support they need to carry out their mission. In a new way.

By connecting them to businesses through a community platform allowing their employees to raise money and to volunteer for them.

Why We Do It

We believe our technology can change the way we do fundraising and increase awareness around causes that matter.

Our Charter

1. Operating with transparency, integrity and accessibility.

2. Supporting organisations and institutions that address the range of intersecting challenges that women face, making them vulnerable to GBVF.

3. Allocating resources based on the principles of women empowerment and social consciousness.

4. Facilitating accessibility of funding to women’s organisations in marginalised communities (considerations around language, internet access, literacy, etc). Proposals should be submitted in all official languages as language should not exclude women who cannot communicate in English.

5. Adopting a proactive funding approach.

6. Focusing on matters relating to GBVF with unique, strategic insight. 

7. Interacting with like-minded GBVF activists on the ground through a network of social facilitators.

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