the power
of purpose

The stress that these times of uncertainty have caused within companies and among their employees has made it more essential than ever to use a platform that allows them to thrive at work.

Here are the advantages you get from using such platform:

As a business:

This platform will help you:

– unleash your employees’ potential,

– reinforce cohesion at work,

– make them feel more responsible and therefore happier and more engaged,

– encourage co-creativity and social intra-entrepreneurship,

– facilitate your employees’ interaction by encouraging teamwork and community actions

– From a human resources standpoint, Causedirect helps you attract and keep talents by improving your employer value proposition and gives you a credible tool to bridge the purpose gap within your organization.


– Likewise, from a CSR perspective, Causedirect helps your company meet its CSR commitments and shape a more sustainable world while involving your employees in your action.

As a city:

Causedirect helps you create a positive and lasting change in society

– Community work (see example here) is empowered and encouraged, thus meeting the needs of your fellow citizens to serve others,

– You give your social programs and your sustainability action the visibility and support they need,

– All community actions can be centralized in one place and better coordinated, thereby making them more effective.

As an academy:

Causedirect empowers your students to change society

– We made project creation easy and fun to help them become change-makers,

  • – Your students are mobilized and motivated around causes that matter,

– They can learn more about the SDGs and how to create social impact.


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