Smile for Hope


  • Founded in 2011,
  • Location: Nepal
  • Sector: education, health care



“Spreading Hope One Smile at a Time, in the remote and forgotten parts of the world”.

Our holistic health approach makes us focus mainly on an overall general well-being of our patients for an optimal chance of recovery. From creating the perfect living environment to encouraging sports and healthy nutrition, we are committed to train and empower our children and their families to be an integral part of their own journey of recovery. We believe that the environment in which we live is of paramount importance and contributes greatly to general health.

We achieve this by:

  • . Pro-Action

  • . Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Pro Action

During our recurring trips to Nepal while building our “Optimal Health Program”, it became apparent that we needed to focus on creating health-awareness rather than treating diseases. We therefore invest our energy in being like the “Physician Of The Future”, a term used by Thomas Edison to describe the medic who “will give no medication, but will raise the interest of his patients in care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

We started running the “Optimal Health Program” in October 2014, continuing on a regular basis in the remote villages of Nepal. Through mobile medical camps and in collaboration with a Nepalese team of doctors and nurses, we reach out to the local population who otherwise have no means to see doctors or have their health checked on a regular basis. This is why we not only integrate screening their health in the program but equally providing them with hygiene and health-trainings. The program aims at causing prevention rather than reaction.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

“Smile for Hope” was created with the objective of a self-sustainable model to be replicated wherever needed. Bringing positive change goes hand in hand with empowering the local population and moving away from the “charity” concept, which keeps people in a relationship of dependence and expectations. This is why we select, involve and support local entrepreneurs in and through “Smile for Hope”. By creating a network of empowered and successful entrepreneurs, we contribute to abundance and health.

Our social entrepreneurs are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • They give back to their community through educating,recycling, empowering

  • They positively contribute to the local economical, social environment


Our Focus


Our projects

Optimal Health Program

In October 2014, we launched “The Optimal Health Program”, reaching out to untouched parts and villages of Nepal. In a perspective of “prevention” rather than “reaction”. We aim to prevent illness through efficient hygiene training, awareness programs and nutritional advice. Our actions are twofold: “First Aid” trained two village representatives. In case of an emergency … read more







Organic Farming

We work alongside an organic farm in Nepal and intend to pass on this knowledge. Rolling out farms like these throughout the country ensures quality and sustainable food for everyone. Not only is there more and more evidence that chemically based fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are extremely harmful to our health, but the strongest argument … read more







Holistic Healing Center

For Mingma Sherpa, for Prashant, for Mendu Sherpa – for the children we supported and for the other children in need, we are now fundraising for the creation of a holistic healing center. This is where we combine nutrition, psychological support, counseling, sports and leisure with conventional treatment to optimize their chance of recovery. The … read more






Art Therapy Project

The Nepal earthquake with magnitude 7.5 on April 25, 2015 has left tremendous scars both physically and psychologically. Aftershocks continued for months shaking all foundations of human existence. Many children were orphaned and a general fear of being indoors has become common among everybody. “Smile for Hope” has therefore started am Art Therapy Project, first … read more






Thuli’s House

Thuli’s house is a symbolic landmark in Lapsefedi where “Smile for Hope” was cleaning debris when the second big earthquake of magnitude 7.5 took everybody by surprise.










Our Team


  • Zeina Abdo


    In November 2011, Zeina made a life-changing trip to Nepal that would lead to the establishment of Smile For Hope in April of 2012. What started as an organization dedicated to benefitting pediatric cancer patients, and increasing access to healthcare in far-flung and forgotten mountainous regions, has grown into a much larger vision. Zeina sees … read more



  • Sonam G. Sherpa


    Sonam was born at the foothill of Mt. Everest. Inspired by the magnificence and majesty of Mt Everest, Sonam grew up with great ambitions not only to protect her, but also to reach out to all people in need. Despite living in a magic environment, life back then was really difficult. Yet, he never gave … read more



  • Jayanti Rai Sherpa

    Child Protection and Development Supervisor

    Jayanti Rai Sherpa is an affectionate and passionate lady from Sunsari, Dharan. She was born into a medium-sized family and grew up with the dream to reach out to all people in need. She received her bachelor degree in nursing and after completing her studies, Jayanti started working in remote areas of Nepal. She served … read more