A platform is nothing without the commitment of your employees.

We bring you the expertise and the methods to mobilize your teams around a common objective – and concrete actions – that generate impact.

the new way of engaging people

1. We make community action fun and fulfilling

We use the most advanced gamification techniques to make your journey unique and rewarding.


2. We help you cultivate your purpose and promote your “why”

We believe that telling your employees why they do what they do is your key to success.


3. Whether your employees are working remotely or in the office,

we make sure that they maintain and strengthen their bonds with their colleagues around causes that matter.


4. Our experts can help you reach your SDGs

and optimize your impact by bringing years of experience on the ground.


5. We have designed an interactive platform

so that you can build your own community of changemakers and get your stakeholders involved in your action.

Causedirect helps your organization become a catalyst for positive change and shape a more sustainable world.

This is what you are empowered to do

This is what you are empowered to do


Employees can:

– Learn about key social and environment issues their company has chosen to shine a light on,

– Donate money to causes they care about,

– Donate time to causes in need of their skills and abilities,

– Create new, inspiring projects to address problems in a new way (see an example),

– Communicate their accomplishments and build their own community.


Managers can:

– Improve your employees’ motivation and performance, and boost their morale,

– Encourage collaboration and teamwork even if your employees work remotely,

– Review data on employee engagement and satisfaction,

– Centralize, track and coordinate employees’ actions through a dashboard,

– Measure your employees’ impact.


Communicate on:

 – your sustainability strategy, both inside and outside the organization,

 – the key social and environment issues you have chosen to shine a light on,

– your commitment and progress on SDG and ESG agendas,

– the projects your organization and your employees support and promote,

– those who do the most for the community, because what they do is important and inspiring.


Reporting made easy

Causedirect helps your company increase your social impact and meet your sustainability engagements.

Access all your top-down and bottom-up initiatives in one single place. No fuss, no rush.

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