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We are proud of the organizations we support. One of the NGOs we work with is the ABCON Group Foundation (AGF), an organization based in South Africa that aims to transform people's lives from disadvantaged communities through training programs and socioeconomic development.
March 17, 2021

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Patrick Vieljeux
CEO, Causedirect

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We are proud of the organizations we support. One of the NGOs we have the pleasure to work with is the ABCON Group Foundation (AGF), a non-profit organization based in South Africa.

AGF is a non-profit organization based in South Africa that aims to transform people’s lives from disadvantaged communities through training programs and socioeconomic development.

The foundation is based on 3 main pillars:

1. Business and supplier development

This pillar aims to contribute to South Africa’s economic growth by empowering entrepreneurs to meet the often high expectations and supply chains’ demands.
Through the business and supplier development strategy, the ABCON Group Foundation has identified various interventions and partnerships to help small businesses improve their positioning in a competitive business environment.

The foundation assists African-owned businesses by providing technical and business support through expert mentoring and administrative support. Besides, loans are granted to suppliers of these companies who meet the required conditions, with the ultimate goal of contributing positively to their development.

You can read more about ABCON’s commitment to developing enterprises and suppliers on their website.

2. Socio-economic development

This is the second pillar. ABCON Group Foundation hosts and implements socio-economic development projects and initiatives that bring positive and beneficial social change in communities.

The goal here is to become the main driver of social change by supporting projects meant to benefit communities such as schools and nurseries. The partnership that the Foundation has established with the Hawk Academy is part of this long-term strategy.

As the Foundation aims to improve the education infrastructure through structured programs to benefit education facilities in affected communities, ABCON Group Foundation is currently raising funds to build a home for education to impact people’s lives in poor communities.

Specifically, AGF is raising up to R4 million to help over 1000 children have proper educational facilities.
Their beneficiaries include Hawk Academy School, Bona Lesedi Disability center, and Genesis creche.

If you’d like to contribute, you can make your donation via PayPal, mentioning ABCON Group Foundation’s PayPal ID VYW6MB86E6JA4.

You can also contribute in-kind: from bricks, topsoil, ceiling, and book covers to a science lab, all help is welcomed. Learn more about ABCON’s socio-economic initiatives.

3. Skills development and training

AGF provides the vehicle, tools, and sustainable solutions that ensure continuous business improvement and develop the necessary skills and training with a minimum effort from their customers.

The main objective is to provide professional solutions to the various organizational skills development and transformation challenges faced by different companies.

The ABCON Group Foundation also facilitates the provision of scholarships, internships, training, and apprenticeships to enable disadvantaged people to access quality education while contributing to the sector’s talent pool.

For instance, AGF is now raising R825.000 for scholarships.

With your contribution, the Foundation can further provide underprivileged individuals with the opportunity to gain access to quality education. The goal? To help these students become the future leaders in their field.

Your donation will play a vital role in helping underprivileged children gain the skills they need to positively impact the community.

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