#ITSNOTOK is a social movement geared to mobilise citizens to speak out, stand together and act against Gender Inequalities and Gender Based Violence & Femicide (GBV&F) - Africa’s biggest societal shame.

Fight For Equality

#ITSNOTOK promotes gender equality and gender parity in business as a critical critical element in the prevention of violence against women.

Mainstream Awareness

#ITSNOTOK mainstreams GBVF awareness and influences the people of Africa to take action against gender inequality and violence against women.

SDG Focus

Pledge Your Support
Sign our pledge, help us build the #ITSNOTOK movement and become an ambassador for the fight against gender inequality and gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF). The #ITSNOTOK movement mainstreams awareness of gender-based violence (GBV) and, in doing so, influences change from a people and policy perspective. We ask every single citizen to speak up against gender inequality and GBV... because #ITSNOTOK.

Key People

ITSNOTOK Africa is a movement administered by Shared Value Africa Initiative, Causedirect’s Partner in South Africa.

Tiekie Barnard

CEO Share Value Impact Initiative

Vuyo Lutseke

Director Shared Value Impact Initiative

c/o Shift Impact Africa
Perch Co-Working Office Space,
37 Bath Avenue,
South Africa

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