Engage Your Employees.

And make them thrive at work.

Engage Your Employees.

And make them thrive at work.

We believe that high-performing workplace cultures need engaged and motivated employees.

“Purpose can be an important contributor to employee experience, which in turn is linked to higher levels of employee engagement, stronger organizational commitment, and increased feelings of well-being”


Using the power of the collective to make a lasting change.

Using the power of the collective to make a lasting change.


Managing a widely dispersed workforce presents a challenge to guaranteeing your employees’ engagement, motivation, and retention. Even more so in Covid19 times.


Help your company to become the best place to work by offering an engaging meaningful and thriving employee experience.


The Output

1. an expertise

to help you define and implement the best engagement strategy and make your employees thrive at work.


2. a forum,

where they can express their feelings and their needs and where they can strengthen their bonds with each other.


3. a community engagement platform

designed to foster collaboration and improve morale at work by empowering your
employees to contribute to society.


4. a space

where you can cultivate and promote your purpose.


5. bullseye statistics

that you can use for your reporting purposes. All integrated and centralized – no more data scattered around. Your reporting become finally an easy task.

Take the pulse

Use our survey feature to measure the work climate and ensure the well-being of your employees by asking them how they are doing, how do they feel, and what their aspirations are.

We accompany you along the way and will make sure your needs are met.

We accompany you along the way and will make sure your needs are met.



1. Your employees will understand why they do what they do,

2. Because you are sensitive to their well-being, and because you show them how much you care for them, they will become more engaged,

3. Fostering collaboration will create team spirit and strengthens cohesion at work,

4. Your employees will feel proud to work in your company and will become its ambassadors, and

5. Cultivating purpose and social innovation will help you attract and retain top talents.

ask the pros

Zeina Abdo

Sustainability & NGO Lead

The inspirer. Zeina founded Smile for Hope, a foundation that spreads hope in remote and forgotten areas of the world to the depths of the Himalayas. She has set a standard for both non-profit and for-profit organizations to implement practices that lead to long-term change. Zeina is Lebanese and helps companies define their sustainability and engagement strategy.

Thierry Roussin

Impact & Value Creation

Thierry founded AguiaLabs 7 years ago to help large organizations focus on purpose and build disruptive business models that generate both sustainable economic value and societal impact. Thierry is a specialist of value creation and he lives in Paris.

James McSill

Storytelling Expert

One of the world's most successful story consultants, author, lecturer and philanthropist, James McSill has been shaping stories that shape individuals and companies for over 35 years. Through his storytelling training courses, James has helped leaders in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, working in his three languages, English, Portuguese and Spanish. He has authored over 25 books spanning fiction and non-fiction.

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