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The project

Created on October 07, 2014 by Josefa Foundation

The Josefa Foundation has given itself the goal of contributing to lasting and fair social inclusion through housing, as well as the integral development of refugees, who are made vulnerable by their forced migration.

Our Reception House, “Josefa”, will be a beautiful, lasting and convivial habitat: it will be located in a Brussels commune where the public, health and social environment will encourage the inclusion of beneficiaries without jeopardizing the quality of life of the communities around it. Therefore, the Josefa Foundation will house beneficiaries who, accompanied by relevant social bodies, have committed themselves to a socially and economically-oriented project aimed at ensuring their inclusion in the community.

In addition, the Josefa Foundation commits itself to welcoming the human person in all his/her dimensions (physical, psychological and spiritual) and respecting the personal convictions of each.

Finally, the Josefa Foundation will encourage, in its research centre, political thinking on migration, housing and inclusion.


Team 1

The initiators of the Josefa Foundation have gathered around their daring project a multidisciplinary team with various experiences and skills. They also called on a significant number of professionals who bring their expertise and advice in specific areas: migration, asylum...


Since 2011, the added value of the initiative Josefa was validated by Belgian and international partner organizations. Josefa Foundation has developped relationships with UNHCR, IOM, Caritas, JRS, Carmel SJ, Bank Degroof, BNPParibasFortis, and experts (EY, PwC, Russell Reynolds Associates, Saw-B). 


All donations for this project are private for the moment.