Employee Appreciation Day: 7 ways to show you care

March 5th is Employee Appreciation Day. And times are not easy for employees. With many changes imposed due to the pandemic, employees need recognition now more than never. Here are 7 ways to show them how you care on Employee Appreciation Day.
March 01, 2021

 Employees are the key motor of an organization. Over the last year, work has been going through an intense period of reorganization, leaving many people unsure about their career prospects, their current job, what the future of work looks like, and how they will be affected by it.

In these times of so much turbulence for people in general, recognizing your employees’ efforts and a work well done is particularly important to lift your team’s morale. Employee appreciation helps people understand that their work matters, and it can make wonders to promote a positive work environment.

So what can you do to go out of your way and show how much you care for your teams?

1. Say thanks.

If it sounds simple, it’s because it is. Yet, many managers fail to thank their employees.
Whether you have a never-ending to-do list, you’re also fighting against pandemic fatigue, or you’re not as motivated at work as you once were, it can take just a few minutes to send an email saying “Thank you for your hard-work.”

2. Formalize your gratitude.

It’s great to hear your manager say “thank you,” but it’s another ballgame to see it in an email.
The best employee recognition emails are those that are stand-alone.
Start a new thread to thank an individual, going into detail on what you particularly appreciated and how it impacted you and your organization.

3. Recognize the impact in a group setting.

For some people, group recognition is significantly important. Don’t hesitate to put your employee on the spotlight if s/he went out of her/his way to get the job done.
This could be done on a group call, an internal newsletter, on the team’s Slack or via a regular email.
If you’re going down this route, you may want to doublecheck if the person you’re recognizing is comfortable with the extra-attention. You don’t want to make your employees feel awkward for going the extra-mile.

4. Consider posting your thanks on social media.

Following tip #3, if the person you want to thank to is not “camera-shy,” why not show how much you’re grateful for having her/him on your team in a more public setting?
Posting your thanks on Linkedin, Instagram, or on another social media network will give your employee the means to easily repost/share across their own networks.

5. Send a handwritten thank-you card.

I personally keep all the handwritten cards and notes that I’ve received across my multiple roles. In an age where everything is digital, it’s quite unique to have a physical token of appreciation that you can put on your desk to remind you that your work matters.

6. Offer a small gift.

If the person went out of their way to complete a project, especially in such a changing work environment – working from home, while home-schooling their kids or taking care of their elderly relatives – you may want to also go out of your way to recognize the effort your employee put into her/his work.

7. Give some time off.

Some organizations offer extra time-off as a thank-you gift to their employees. This is likely the most appreciated gesture, too.


Employee appreciation can enhance your corporate culture, boost productivity and increase employee retention. Above all, it makes your team feel happier and more recognized. Render this year’s Employee Recognition day unforgettable!

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