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Distribute meals to elderly

The story:

Jessica lives in Cambridge and has elderly neighbors who live in precarious conditions and who cannot leave their homes for fear of catching the virus. She thinks they are not alone in this situation and has an idea of ​​how to help them.

Here is her idea: she wants to organize a food distribution for these people and wants to call friends to help her carry out this action, but does not know how to do it. She needs some help to setting it up and finding some volunteers.

As a resident of Cambridge, she then goes to the community platform hosted by her City Hall where she can create her action and asks for help.

Mike is the director responsible for managing Jessica’s city and the community platform where she has submitted her request. He likes her idea and post it on the platform for everyone to see.


Learning that there is an action for the elderly in their neighborhood, some locals decide to participate and offer to join Jessica’s team.

Others seeing that it is also possible to participate by giving money or making a donation in kind, decide to give 10 euros to finance the action and send essential products.

By consulting her ad, Jessica discovers that some people paid a total of 750 USD, enough to cook a meal and give the basic necessities that some also sent her by dropping them off at the place she had indicated.

Thanks to Mike, Jessica found the volunteers and the support she needed to carry out her action, and to feed the elderly, including her neighbors.

A photo gallery celebrating the success of her action is posted on the town hall community platform and her initiative becomes a source of inspiration for others and encourages them to do the same.


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