Sofia Ribeiro

Sofia Ribeiro

COO, living in Lisbon


About me

I lived in Canada, Switzerland, Italy and did a few stretches in Angola. Having traveled around the world made me realize that, regardless of where you are – in Mumbai, Bogot√°, Shanghai, San Francisco or Geneva – people are not that different from each other when it comes to what they truly value: good living conditions, a thriving natural world, and a just and compassionate society.

I’ve dedicated a good part of my life working towards these goals, and founded a sustainable marketing agency in Canada that worked with small businesses with solid CSR and environmental policies. The agency was later recognized as Canada’s Best Green Business of the Year in 2010.

Now, I’m proud to be part of the Causedirect team, connecting people with amazing organisations and projects – so they can be the change they wish to see in the world.


My purpose

I believe that economic growth does not have to jeopardize environmental and social well-being. I’m also focused on rethinking how we educate and teach our children.


My Focus

SDG 4 Quality Education

SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

SDG 13 Climate Action


People who inspire me

Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Yunus, Mother Theresa, and my grandfather.


My background

Proud mother of 2 children.

You can discover more on Linkedin:

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Some causes I love


The Re-food Movement presents new answers to the old challenges, local tools capable of repairing global damage and empowering citizens to change the world and improve their own communities.[more].




 Plantar uma Arvore:

The project started its adventure on the morning of November 23, 2009, in the Parque Florestal de Monsanto, in Lisbon, where it gathered family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances, with the aim of planting 1,000 trees, under the motto 1 Person 1 Tree. [more]



Smile for Hope: Spreading Hope One Smile at a Time, in the remote and forgotten parts of the world.

Their holistic health approach makes them focus mainly on an overall general well-being of their patients for an optimal chance of recovery. [more].



The Non Violence Project:

A non-profit organisation with a mission to inspire, motivate and engage people to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully. For more than 25 years they have reached out to over 8 million people around the world with their educational programs to schools, sports clubs and companies. [more]



One Action:

OneAction is a non-profit association based in Geneva, Switzerland. Seeing in everyone the potential to bring about lasting change, OneAction aims to encourage the transition from intention to action, helping individuals and communities carry out various charitable projects. [more]