What you

can do

This is how this platform empowers your employees or fellow citizens to contribute to the common good:


  • – by creating volunteering activities, whether on site or online,
    – by organizing fundraising for a cause,
  • – by collecting donations in kind and/or in cash,
  • – by creating sustainable projects to make an impact,
– by organizing solidarity actions, (see an example here),


  • – on public health and whatever information associated with the pandemic you may find important,
  • – on your engagement and on your action and add the statistics you need for your reporting,
  • – on the projects you and your employees support and promote,
  • – on those who do the most for the community, because what they do is important and inspiring,


    • – by creating your own selection committee to validate the projects submitted by your employees according to a proven protocol,
    – by centralizing and follow their actions in one single digital space to better coordinate them and make them more efficient.

Once your organization is registered, here is how the implementation unfolds.

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