Here is what you can do to contribute to the common good …

Acting for the community

– By volunteering, whether on site or online, by matching your skills with those requested by the project
– By making cash donations directly to causes close to your heart
– By organizing citizen actions, such as distributing meal trays for the elderly
– By creating solidarity projects

Motivate your troops!

– By organizing fundraising activities and events and invite your colleagues to join you
– By creating a collective challenge to resolve a case
– By creating your own matching program to stimulate fundraising
– By measuring and monitoring your impact and striving to improve it every day!


– By displaying the projects you like on your home page and inviting your colleagues to support them
– By publicizing your CSR action and strategy through inspiring stories, images or videos
– By sharing the commitment of your employees through inspiring stories and photo galleries
– By explaining to your employees your societal commitment and the SDGs on which you focus

Manage and improve your reporting

– By following the commitment of your employees or your fellow citizens in real time through your dashboard
– By extracting the statistics you need for your CSR and ESG reports
– By creating your own selection committee to validate the projects submitted by your employees according to a proven protocol
– By adding to your reporting the reports of the causes that you support and whose activities you monitor

How this unfolds

  • Year one: kick-off and implementation

    • – Workshop 1: Defining your plan and needs

    • – Workshop 2: Defining your vision and strategy

    • – Workshop 3: defining your program(s) and your communication plan

    • – Configuring your platform

    • – Testing and office training

    • – User guide

    On-boarding selected projects:

    • We help you identify the causes or larger tailor-made projects that match your vision

    Ongoing services:

    • – Continuous accompaniment

    • – Weekly activity report

    • – Monthly improvements and fittings based on weekly feed-backs

    • – Quarterly¬† + semi-annual reviews

    • – Semi-annual employee survey


    Year two: deployment

    • – Yearly strategy & impact review

    • – Strategy deployment and implementation across all offices

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