Here are some of the things you can do to change the world…


  • – Volunteer, be it on site or online, with  your skills matched with those asked by the project manager
  • – Donate in cash directly to the cause you care about
  • – Organize in kind donations within your enterprise
  • – Create projects to make the world a better place

Empower and motivate

  • – Organize fundraising activities and events and invite your colleagues to join
  • – Create a challenge to solve a case
  • – Create your own matching program to boost fundraising
  • Measure and follow your impact and strive to make it better every day!


  • – Post the projects you like on your front page and invite your colleagues to support them
  • – Communicate on your action and your CSR by adding stories, images and videos
  • – Share the successes of your employees’ action through inspiring stories and photo galleries
  • – Tell your staff about your engagement on sustainability and which SDGs you focus on

Monitor and improve your reporting 

  • – Follow the engagement of your co-workers in real time through your own dashboard
  • – Extract from it the stats you need for your ESG and CSR reporting
  • – Create your own steering committee to validate the projects submitted by your staff
  • – Get the reports from your causes and follow their activities

Have fun while making an impact

  • – Accumulate points and badges showing how engaged you are
  • – Learn on sustainability and the SDGs every time you connect via a quiz
  • – Post your story on the front page and inspire your colleagues to act for the common good
  • – Create your profile and invite your colleagues to exchange their views with you on your blog

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