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Created on October 12, 2014 by APOPO

The problem: Tuberculosis (TB) ranks as the world’s second leading cause of death from an infectious disease after HIV. In Sub-Saharan Africa less than half of the patients with TB are actually diagnosed due to the limited availability of rapid and reliable diagnostic tools. Left untreated, a person with active TB can infect up to 15 other people in a year. As well as this, TB is a ‘disease of poverty’ that often results in financial challenges for whole households who may be forced to halt economic activities or pull children from school to work, convalesce or give care. A cycle of debt can be created from which many households never recover.

The solution: APOPO HeroRATs quickly and accurately sniff out TB in human sputum samples, increasing new case findings in 36 partner clinics in Tanzania and Mozambique by up to 45%.  One HeroRAT evaluates more samples in ten minutes than a lab technician can in one day

Our project: your donation will help us to expand the reach of APOPO’s TB detection program to additional regions and communities as well as fund groundbreaking research such as mass-screening and mobile rat units, to make our HeroRATs even more effective.


Dr. Georgies Mgode

Programme Manager TB Tanzania

Emilio Valverde

Programme Manager Mozambique

Christiaan Mulder

Head of TB


All donations for this project are private for the moment.