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If you believe that the world as well as the economy are changing;

If you think that the latter is not only driven by profits but also by core social values;

If you want to actively participate in the emergence and establishment of this new and more harmonized world, then Causedirect is made for you.

By giving through Causedirect, you will help thousands of causes and contribute to the creation of hundreds of fantastic projects around the world.

Donate... It's simple !
  1. Choose your cause: all causes displayed on the site have been selected through a rigorous registration protocol.
  2. Give. Your donation is sent directly to the cause.
  3. Follow your cause. You can choose to receive the bi-annual newsletter that the cause sends to its donors to follow its development.
  4. Spread the word! You can use your social network or the giving programs of your company to broaden the audience of the causes you care about.