into action


We empower everyone to do good, so that, together, we can make this world a better place.


To do that, we have developed a community platform designed to give meaning to work and make employees more fulfilled and more engaged.


We can help you engage your employees and boost their motivation by giving them a purpose to work on.

A platform that:

  • facilitates

  • encourages

  • creates cohesion
    between employees

Causedirect helps citizens do community work in their city

This platform was primarily designed for businesses. In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, we have decided to widen its use to cities to help them centralize and coordinate their fellow citizens’ action. For free. We believe that the least we could do is to help them overcome this crisis the best we can.

You are:

  • A Business

    Causedirect helps you foster collaboration and teamwork between your employees and make them more fulfilled at work.


  • A City 

    Causedirect helps you centralize and coordinate the civic actions initiated by your community and make them more efficient.


  • An Academy

    Causedirect empowers students to act for the common good so that they can  build the world of tomorrow.


Although this platform is designed for organizations, you can still use it as an individual. For this, we invite you to contact your town hall, your university dean or your company to ask them to register so that you can act through it.


To see all what you can do, click here.

To see how its implementation unfolds, click here.


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