Coronavirus outbreak:
Facilitate and better coordinate citizen action within your city or your company.
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Causedirect is a community engagement software designed to primarily help businesses engage their employees while empowering them to contribute to the common good. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, we widened its use to cities and academies to facilitate solidarity actions.


This software will be free for a limited number of institutions to allow us to provide continuous support and to better coordinate, with them, volunteer actions.


Although this software is designed for organizations, you can still use it as an individual. For this, we invite you to contact your town hall, your university dean or your management to ask them to register so you can act through it.



Here are some things this software allows you to do:

Centralize and coordinate all initiatives such as the distribution of meal or medicines to the elderly and make them visible to all.

Facilitate volunteer registration by enabling skill matchmaking: when registering, people can specify their preferences and skills and are alerted whenever a volunteer opportunity arises.

Monitor and coordinate the actions of your community in real time through your dashboard.

you are:

  • A Business Executive

    We offer you the tool that your employees need to better act for the common good in the during the pandemic.


  • A City Authority

    The tool allows you to better manage the crisis and facilitates the action of your fellow citizens by allowing them to volunteer for essential tasks.


  • An Academy

    We help you educate your students about sustainability and help them build the world of tomorrow.


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